Just as extreme sports fans prefer Bungie to badminton, some film buffs prefer feature films that give them thrills. If this is your case, you will appreciate these ten films disgusting, which are strongly discouraged to people with a weak stomach.

  1. The hell of the cannibals

It is not expected that a film featuring cannibals in the Amazon jungle will be made in lace, but although they date from 1980, the special effects of this film are so realistic that the director, suspected of having killed real people on screen, was even arrested when it was released. Guaranteed heartache.

  1. The Human Centipede (First Sequence)

There are images that you can never forget once you’ve seen them, and this is the case of this film where a deranged scientist kidnaps three tourists and surgically links them, mouth to ass, to make a “” human centipede.”” One wonders how such an ugly concept could have been entitled to two suites!

  1. Aftermath

Without ever uttering a single word, a man conscientiously cleans the corpse of a woman in the morgue, takes off his clothes to commit an act of abject necrophilia, opens the body to extract the heart, and gives it to eat to his dog while watching the TV back home. Disgusting, you say?

  1. New Kitchen

Aunt Mei’s dumplings are reputed to be pure elixirs of youth, but what the aging actresses and the deceived wives who consume them do not know is that the devilish Cook is stuffing her famous dumplings with the remains of aborted fetuses. Good appetite!

  1. Pink Flamingos

The undisputed king of bad taste, filmmaker John Waters nevertheless succeeds in surpassing himself with Pink Flamingos, a grotesque work where one can see, among other things, the divine transvestite eating a dog poop still hot. Worse, it would appear that no special effect was used for the scene.

  1. Black fever

The disease can be even more repulsive than any monster straight out of hell, as shown by black temperature, with its virus gradually taking off the skin of people who are affected, and which is transmitted through a rotting corpse in the city’s drinking water tank. Ugh.

  1. Texas Chain Saw Massacre

Not only does this native family commit murder and cannibalism, but they also push the disgusting to the point of making masks or lampshades out of their victim’s skin. No wonder Tobe Hooper’s classic deeply disgusted several generations of film buffs.

  1. Society

Like Billy, who discovers that his sister and adoptive parents are not human, you too will have a heart-high when you see these creatures indulge in incestuous orgies, where the bodies of the participants merge into a slimy, shapeless cluster that reveals a familiar face, or mole, here and there.

  1. Dead Alive

Long before The Lord of the Rings, Peter Jackson offered himself a phenomenal amount of nut in this B-Series film where, in addition to a mother who decomposes and loses her ear in the soup, the hero will make his way through dozens of undead using a lawn mower!

  1. The fly

He gradually loses his nails and teeth. Gigantic hairs grow in his back, his fingers stick together, and he vomits acid on his food before eating it: the transformation of Jeff Goldblum into a human fly in David Cronenberg’s remake really has it all to make him nauseous.